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I sincerely agree as to the tragedy of recent US events. My heart goes out
to all affected.
HOWEVER, this is a classic computer mailing list. The discussion on the WTC
stuff is very interesting, but it belongs on all the myraid of other lists
present on the net for this purpose.
What on EARTH posessed people to think we needed blow by blow updates on
this list about current world events? Think - if you have to put "OT" in the
subject of your message, it probably doesn't belong here.
Jay West

Jay ---
    Thank you for your sympathy...
    What possesed us to post updates here? Since I was the first to mention
it (IIRC, I might be wrong), I'll answer...
    Simple. Many people here were stuck at work, without any source of news,
to find out what was happening. Major news websites were useless, since they
were all swamped yesterday. I know of a couple people, who didn't know a
thing about it, until I sent a message. They were then able to take care of
necessary business in due time. If I upset someone by posting an OT message
to one of my mailing lists, and helping someone in the process, I say too
bad. Suck it up.
    There are a few times when an OT post is accepted. Yesterday was one of
    But, yes, now is the time to kill this thread from the list, now that
everything has calmed down some... It's time to help your neighbors. Call
your local Red Cross, and make an app't to donate blood.

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