World Trade -- Acknowledgement

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 16:52:53 2001

Sellam Ismail writes:
> As an aside, who do you think is responsible, both directly and
> indirectly, for helping to put the Taliban in power? You guessed it!
> Our own American Government.

On this one we're in agreement. The Afghanistan war had us involved
along with Gunga Dan Rather at the boarder. This is another stupidity
of Cold-war thinking in a post cold-war world.

> The FBI is handling this case. Three words: Wen Ho Lee. Enough said.

You may be right. I've had less than good feelings about the bureau
since the 80's. They used to be a big customer of mine in the Dec Field
Service days. Technology was not their strong point even then...

Don't ask.

> I don't think we'll ever really know who did it.

I think we may already have a fairly good idea if the evidence being
leaked from officials to the press is real.

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