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Date: Wed Sep 12 17:12:54 2001

You know, I don't think you're going to get these guys to shut up. I'm
starting to come to the point that I see that the people who are members of
this list are birds of a feather, and they are going to want to talk about
things among themselves besides just computers. The thought of going to
another group of people to talk about these things doesn't appeal. A common
bond of friendship (or pseudo-enmity, in some cases) has already been
created, and to say that you have to go outside your group of friends to
discuss certain topics might not be reasonable.

You have not created a topic, you have created a community. The community is
strongly interested in classic computers, but they need to talk about other
things too. A solution other than shushing the OT discussions might be
appropriate. I suggest an experiment: create a second list called
classiccmp-OT_at_classiccmp.org, and see what happens. If it doesn't help, you
can just delete the second list.

I don't think it would be profitable to split things up too much, but it
might help to just acknowledge that this community does have things to talk
about other than computers.

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I sincerely agree as to the tragedy of recent US events. My heart goes out
to all affected.
HOWEVER, this is a classic computer mailing list. The discussion on the WTC
stuff is very interesting, but it belongs on all the myraid of other lists
present on the net for this purpose.
What on EARTH posessed people to think we needed blow by blow updates on
this list about current world events? Think - if you have to put "OT" in the
subject of your message, it probably doesn't belong here.
Jay West
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