still more OT

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 17:43:50 2001

Chuck McManis skrev:

>Now CNN is reporting some people arrested on the George Washington Bridge
>driving a van full of explosives.

>It isn't "over" yet,

And neither is this damn OT! Shut up shut up shut up!
Even though I deleted all messages on the server before downloading the rest,
you manage to slip a few in in the short while between my logging out from
Pine and download via POP.
If you want news updates, turn to the media instead of classiccmp! If you
want to express your condoleances, do so in private! This has got absolutely
nothing to do with computers, and I'm bloody sick of all the media vultures
reporting about it day and night, there is no need for classiccmp to be
devoted to this as well.
If you can't talk about computers, go find a suitable venue for all this OT!

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