From: Jay West <west_at_tseinc.com>
Date: Thu Sep 13 06:41:10 2001

David and Jeffrey: (The few places where I'm being sarcastic are explicitly
noted in a manner I hope Jeffrey will find amusing)

David said....
They were then able to take care of necessary business in due time. If I
upset someone by posting an OT message to one of my mailing lists, and
helping someone in the process, I say too bad. Suck it up.

    There are a few times when an OT post is accepted. Yesterday was one of

    But, yes, now is the time to kill this thread from the list, now that
everything has calmed down some...
"They were then able..." I agree. You're (and others) first few OT posts
were no problem. I think it was intended as a service, and I (as well as
others I'm sure) appreciated it.

"suck it up"? <sarcasm>Your sentiment is duly noted. Thanks. I appreciate

"There are a few times when an OT post..." Yup, you're absolutely correct. I
agree. That is why I didn't say a single word for the first 100 or so posts.
Matter of fact, it wasn't the fact there were 100 posts about the subject
that set me off, it was two things: 1) when the last few in the thread
started to become extremely inflamatory political rhetoric, and 2) when the
discussion branched into a discussion of the skillset necessary to fly a 767
(and I'm a pilot, so I'm not unappreciative of the content of the
discussion). Case closed - I'm not going to revisit that, it was hashed over
excessively a month ago.

"But yes, now is the time to kill this thread..." <sarcasm>Why thank you for
your decision.</sarcasm>

Jeffrey said...
However, I think some
sensitiviy and leverage may be appropriate given the circumstances. The
US has faced inarguably, the worst tragedy whithin it's history and
thousands of lives we're lost yesterday.
"...sensitivity and leverage..." I couldn't agree more. As a point of
reference, you might want to be aware that the majority of private messages
I got about the last political discussion asked for the "reasonable limit of
posts in an OT thread" to be FOUR. Or did they really mean 101 (geek humor,
do the math). I have no intentions whatsoever to be a censor (or even a
moderator as Sellam suggests). I had no problem with the sensitivity and
leverage of allowing the thread to go on as long as it was. I ONLY stepped
in when the thread starting branching out to other OT threads, AND the
political rhetoric started becoming exceptionally inflamatory. And before
you go and accuse me of insensitivity, you might consider that the WTC
tragedy has affected me very personally and directly in a manner that I will
not discuss here.


Jay West
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