Classic Computers vs. Classic Computing

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Sep 13 13:56:24 2001

>So, I think the formal name and the charter of this group should
>change to reflect an interest in Class Computing. The only real
>change would be that discussions about the eumlators and simulators
>would no longer be OT unless they drift into details of programming
>the emu/simulators themselves. Additionally, more detailed discussions
>of the Classic Operating Systems would be similarly on-topic.

I never realized the subject was off topic, and I've never heard it refered
to being off topic. With the possible exception of a topic I started a
year or two ago about the iOpener, and wanting to get one to convert into a

While you might be talking about a simulator, the software you're running
on it typically is on topic.

In all honesty, I'm starting to lean towards emulation myself. Especially
on systems I don't really do anything with. I'm short on space and it
costs a lot to store what I've got. Plus this next month our electricity
prices will be going up by 30% :^( Somehow the classic hardware made a lot
more sense when I was single (and my wife has never complained about it at

OTOH, my wife and I just bought a 4-Slot Neo Geo cabinet and a bunch of
cartridges for it, because for some things emulation just doesn't cut it.

Also on my VMS systems that are under heavy use at home, there is no way
I'm emulating them :^)

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