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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 13:26:12 2001

On Sep 14, 11:02, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> Now, if anyone's ever *heard* of a SPDT DIPswitch bank, let alone where I
> could find some... otherwise I'll be stuck with jumpers (which is O.K.,
> dip switches would look nicer & be harder to lose from the finished
> project...) So far, Jameco, JDR Microdevices & B.G. Micro don't list

You certainly can get them. I have some in my junk box and they're listed
in the Farnell catalogue over here ( Farnell,
incidentally, have outlets in the US.

Depending on exactly what you want to do there are various options. Tyco
make a "subminature washable PCB mounting" SPDT switch with pins on a 0.1"
pitch which are side-stackable (part number SE1DGPCFN). EAO make one
that's explicitly listed as stackable, 0.1" pitch, SPDT is part no
09-03290-01. ERG make SPDT (and others) as part of their 014 DIL switch
series (the ones with colour-coded sliders), SDC1014, SDC2014 and SDC4014
are 1, 2, and 4-section respectively. They also do a recessed SPDT (SCD1
023 to SCD5 023 for 2/4/6/8 pole), slide switches in similar style which
are 1-pole/8-way, 2-pole/4-way, and 4-pole/2-way (DS16C18, DS16C24,
DS16C42). Enough?

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