essential CP/M files

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 13:32:51 2001

If you're getting into an editor, you should probably use something like the
"real" WordStar of at least v2.2. That one can edit in columns, to an extent
I've not seen in ANY other editor before or since. The one really important
part of that is that one can then discard the assembler output and save only the
source in a ".PRN" or ".LST" file.

That will lead to needing MUCH less storage.


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> It would be great if you could do WordMaster, the precursor to WordStar. It
> was a very useful editor for programming and its pattern of control-keys for
> cursor movement and editing was used by many other programs.
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> Allison wrote:
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> >How about a decent editor?
> I used CP/M just a bit back in the day, and I'm only now learning a bit
> more about it. Do you have any recommendations? I've seen TED in one of
> the CP/M archives, but I haven't gotten far enough along to see if I can
> get it to run on a Sol.
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