Classic Computers vs. Classic Computing

From: Brian Knittel <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 13:54:10 2001

Recall that Jonathan Engdahl recently announced his development
of MSCP device drivers for 2.9 BSD. That work was made possible
by the availability of a reliable simulation environment.
For this reason alone, simulators are indispensible to the
real-hardware camp, as tools for supporting the maintenance and
development of operating systems.

Furthermore, I think simulators can play a big role in
encouraging the long-term collection, retention and dissemination
of legacy software to run on either real or emulated hardware.
Norm Aleks and I just acquired an IBM 1130, and as far as I can
see, there is NO software archived out there anywhere. It's very
discouraging. You can bet that we're going to post whatever we can
get our hands on, along with the simh-based simulator I'm 75% done
with, to hopefully reawaken interest in the 1130.

That's my .4 bits worth.


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