Classic Computers vs. Classic Computingt

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 19:58:37 2001

Zane H. Healy skrev:

>>The LK461 has the same feel and layout as the LK201 used on the VT-330 and

>Oh, I'm going to have to disagree there! The LK201 has the same layout,
>but the LK401 has a better look and feel! The only advantage the LK201 has
>is the place to stick something that tells what the function keys are
>mapped to. In fact the LK401 feels about as good as my Apple Extended II

While the LK401 is a lot nicer to look at, it's only got two LEDs, which makes
for a disappointing effect when DECwindows blanks the screen.

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