From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sat Sep 15 06:52:35 2001

I'll be happy to send you the necessary 2114 memory chips if that will help
anything. I have quite a few and little likelihood they'll be needed for

Likewise, if you need 4116 types, I have several dozen extras, maybe even 100,
that I've preserved. I'm wondering why, of course.

As far as odditites go, I have a number (2 rails or so) of the 2-chip hybrids
that Apple had made up for the Apple III. Those are 32K bits, though I really
don't know whether they're 16Kx2 or 32Kx1. They have the Apple logo on each of
the leadless carriers mounted on the carrier, and use an 18-pin footprint, IIRC.



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Subject: SYM-1

> I acquired a Synertek SYM-1 recently. It is in original box (albeit, a
> little taped up) and appears to be almost complete including manuals.
> The only obvious shortage is that it is shy six SY2114 memory chips.
> Anyone interested in it, contact me off list and we'll see what can be
> worked out.
> - don
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