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Date: Sat Sep 15 07:56:28 2001

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> > Looks as though there is a growing demand for them.
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> Wasn't the VAX 7000 model 800 the last and most powerful model? If it
> wasn't it was close. Something tells me that we're going to see a lot of
> people located around the WTC looking for a lot of VAXen, and I shudder to
> think about some of the ancient hardware the Pentagon might be looking for.
> Zane

Well in Desert Storm they went absolutely crazy looking for Interdata
8/32's... All of Concurrent's 8/32 based board testers got quickly
upgraded to 3220's or better as they refurbed a ton of the old beasts.

I'd say what for but then I'd have to kill you. 8-)

Amazing, since the 3200's were pretty much compatible with the 8/32

More amazing is that a couple of years later they were still in use
by the gov't. They were looking at Concurrent Micro5's as an upgrade.

Vax 7000 model 800 at least still are commercially useable and supported
and a reasable machine.

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