VAX 7800 CPU and Memory Modules

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Sat Sep 15 17:13:09 2001

> That must be why I repeatedly get out bid by the same guys over and over
> again. Sometimes I don' even bother because I know they'll outbid me.

Yes, I know of at least three bidders that are businesses. I also know
that they can always outbid me, and at least two of them use some kind
of automated sniping tool.

> While bidding on a DSSI drive, I actually won the auction, then the
> seller "elobby" went awol.... he's no longer registered, and I had
> already paid him. It's odd, he has nothing but glowing feedback. It's
> not due to the WTC either, it was before that.

I bought a DSSI drive from elobby, and it did arrive. I see their last
feedback entry was on Sep. 7, and you are right, elobby is now unregistered.
Eric Dittman
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