Nec Multisync II monitor

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Sep 15 22:14:12 2001

>>I have a pretty rough looking Nec Multisync II monitor in my car, hope it
>>works, but more so hope its one of the "good" monitors to have the list has
>>talked about in the past, is it?
>It certainly is. It's a multisync which will sync down to 15KHz (same as TV
>modes and "RGB" monitors) analogue as well as digital.
>Watch out for its big brother, the 3D.

Thats what one of my other friends said, NEC II good, 3D better. I haven't
even tested this one for working yet, and it is ROUGH from poor handling
(ie gash in the case side). Still if it works I'll keep it for bench use,
or wait til I find a dead one in a nicer case.
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