Need IBM PC Server 320 bay filler plates (6)

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 18:12:53 2001

In search of 6 of the vented original 5.25" half height filler plates for my
new Server 320 - just mainly for looks. I have all the bays full of hard
drives so that's why I need to fill all 6 bays. I understand that Server 325
hot swap trays fit the 320 so maybe the 325 filler plates work as well.

Will pay up to $1 each for them (plus mailing of course) and would love it
if one person has all of t hem but can get one or two from each person until
I get what I need. OR I have some excess SCSI controllers and memory cards
(no ram) for microchannel 286 and 386 level machines I can trade if
possible, as well as various ESDI hard drives from PS/2 55SX and 70
machines.Drop me a note direct if you have these plates to spare. I'm in the
middle of the US (KY) so postage isn't much from any part of the US or
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