Practical Electronics and D. Bollen

From: Doug Coward <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 20:51:55 2001

Tony Duell wrote:

> Back then, Everyday Electronics and Practical Electronics were 2 separate
> magazines..............
> I have a reasonable set of both from 1972-1973 onwards (just about every
> issue after 1973, many from 1972, and a few before that). D.Bollen wrote
> articles in both magazines, mostly (as you might expect) on analogue
> stuff............
> What I can't find is any articles on analogue computing. There were a few
> pots + 1 amplifier type dedicated analogue computers in said magazines

 Thank you very much Tony.
 The person that wrote to me said "I would recognize this
computer anywhere.", refering to the picture on my web site:
 I have made a guess from date codes that it was built with
1971 parts by Physical & Electronic Laboratories Ltd. But the
writer says that the computer was designed by D. Bollen
"from top to bottom" and was featured in this series of
articles. I wonder if the computer might be a magazine
project kit. That would be a very interesting development.
Doug Coward
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