IBM PowerStation 530

From: Blair J. Miller <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 10:45:29 2001

> Yup, it's RGB, sync on green. You need to get a cable to break that out
> to 3 BNCs to hook it up to a decent monitor that does sync on green...

Unfortunately, the monitor that may have been hooked up to the machine was
nowhere to be found... and this being my first classic computer, I don't
have such a thing lying around either. :o(

I read something about hooking a serial terminal up to the machine
directly... Forgive me for dumb questions, but I'm assuming a serial
terminal is one of those boxes that I keep seeing that has hookups for mice,
keyboards, SVGA monitors, and the like? Also called a 'Terminal Station' I
believe... Will this work? I don't even know if I'm asking the right
question here, and I could be horribly, stupidly, wrong. :o) This thing
comes from 'way back in the day' for me, before I was even interested in
computers, so I don't know a whole heck of a lot right now. More research I

Thanks again.

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