Anyone want an 11/750 & 11/730 out of New Jersey?

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 13:18:18 2001

Bob Brown <> wrote:
> The one I heard about was called a 'micro 3000' and was described as
> desktop sized...(I thought this was diffeent from the model 48 that was
> also being described)....

Oops, sorry about that! I was thinking about the series 48 that had
been mentioned in this thread.

Yes, a Micro 3000 is more "desktop sized", or at least the processor
is. Peripherals like disc and tape drives are in separate boxes so
it's easy to end up with a system comprising several small boxes
(e.g. a Micro 3000, a 9144 cartridge tape, and a couple of 79[45][1-9]
disc drives), and once you've got all that they can be stacked inside
a desk-side cabinet that HP used to sell for the purpose. If you look
at the cover of the September 1985 HP Journal you will see a 3000
series 37 in this sort of cabinet.

Note there are also "Micro GX", "Micro RX", and "Micro LX" models that
are usually mounted in desk-side tower cabinets that have room for a
9144-like cartridge tape drive in the top and two disc drives in the
base, and also keep the ATP/M mux panels (serial connectors) inside
the cabinet. They weigh about 70 pounds and can be moved by a single
person reasonably easily.

-Frank McConnell
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