Apple Set Top Box

From: Chris <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 18:00:33 2001

>What was that machine? I remember seeing one a while ago and never figuring
>out what it was.

It was a custom designed interactive TV unit, used for some test program
in Texas and I think the UK. I think it was tested in a few schools, but
I really don't know how far it went (it was probably slammed out of
existance either by cost, or more likely by Channel 1 if it was meant for
the educational market).

I don't personally know of anyone that has gotten theirs to do anything,
although I have read posts of a few people that got theirs to at least
boot to an Apple logo screen. Mine just sits (it gets a red "starting up"
light, but never gets past that to the yellow "standby" or green "on", or
even the red blinking "busted" light).

I got mine from a garage sale just recently (paid $5 for it, no remote,
no anything, just the unit)... the guy selling it said his son went off
to college, and he was getting rid of some of his "junk" he had kicking
around the house while his son wasn't there to complain... my guess is,
when the son gets home for vacation, he will be mighty pissed off (I also
got a vintage 2 foot Godzilla with working shoot out hands and flicking
fire breath... paid $2 for that).

I have seen them come and go on ebay, usually selling for between $10 and
$20 if you want to pick one up.


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