Final numbers on Apple IIgs computers for sale

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Tue Sep 18 09:23:00 2001

Hello all,

First let me say that I hope all of you are all right, and that your lives
are as normal as possible given the recent events. I know it's hard to
think about old computers at a time like this, but I did at least want to
let you all know what was happening. Obviously, if there are any delays in
our transactions, I certainly understand ... Take care of what's important

Bear in mind that these systems are school surplus. They WILL need
cleaning, and many have stickers, sticker residue, magic marker writing,
etc. They are all in good physical condition (no rust, no cracks in the
cases, etc.), but they all need to be cleaned.

Here are the final counts on the IIgs stuff... These are all tested and

- Qty. 14 ROM 3 IIgs CPUs, with power cord, NO internal cards.
- Qty. 8 ROM 01 IIgs CPUs, with power cord, and memory expansion card (only
one bank full on each).
- Qty. 22 5.25" Floppy Drives, Model # A9M0107, with cable
- Qty. 23 3.5" Floppy Drives, Model # A9M0106, with cable
- Qty. 12 AppleColor RGB Monitors, Model A2M6014, with power cable AND
signal cable (see below ... more available)
- Qty. 9 mice, with ADB connector, labelled as Model # A9M0331
- Qty. 7 mice, labelled "Apple Desktop Bus", "Family # G5431"
- Qty. 3 Apple Desktop Bus keyboards with cable (see more below)
- Qty. 2 Macintosh LC II CPUs, with power cable
- Qty. 2 Macintosh Color RGB Monitors, with power AND signal cables
- Qty. 2 Apple IIc computers, with power supplies

The following are untested:

- Qty. 5 Imagewriter II printers, with power AND data cables
- Qty. 17 Apple Desktop Bus keyboards and cables

I am willing to test the remaining keyboards, and the Imagewriters if people
want them. I also can get more monitors, but again, I only want to lug them
here and test them if people want them.

Please, even if you have responded before, respond with a specific list of
what you want. Don't tell me "a complete system", because I have no idea
what that means (mouse? 1 floppy? 2 floppies? ROM version? Monitor?). BE
SPECIFIC. The two types of mice listed work with the IIgs, but I don't know
if either is "correct" in that I don't know which version shipped with the
IIgs. Because some items are limited in supply, if I get more offers than
items, I will throw names into a hat to decide who gets what. PLEASE INCLUDE
A ZIP CODE OR COUNTRY WITH YOUR RESPONSE so I can determine shipping

Once you respond with a want list, I will determine if I can fulfill it,
then weigh everything, and get a shipping quote.

In terms of money and shipment ... Payment must be in US funds, and I accept
PayPal, or Money Order (International Money Order for overseas). The cost
of each order is a minimum of $5.00 + "shipping". What this means is that a
single cable will cost at least $5.00. A complete system will cost at least
$5.00. Anything over $5.00 is up to you, bearing in mind that ALL proceeds
will be donated back to the school I got the computers from. There is no
special priority given to people who donate more money. "Shipping" includes
actual postage (USPS from Westminster, MA USA 01473), plus actual cost of
boxes and packaging (no more than $5.00, even for a complete system).
Monitors and printers will be shipped in SEPARATE boxes from CPUs. If you
come to my house to pick them up, you can "cherry-pick" for the best
cosmetic condition.


Rich B.
Received on Tue Sep 18 2001 - 09:23:00 BST

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