To garbage or ask for it: Commodore printer MPS801, TIs, Commodore 1525, DEC LA50, TRS80 Mod II exp box etc...

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Tue Sep 18 13:53:29 2001


Garbage day tommorow and I will be scrapping more stuff I have accumulated
too much of...

This all going to charity (they probably wont want this) or garbage in about
24 hours or pick it up if you want it.

I dont wanna start packing -- you have to have someone to pick this up.

I know this is quite a long shot since I am in Montreal, Canada but who

A shame because most was cleaned and is working....most of this is stuff I
have more than one of or just no space for...
I anticipate more stuff getting junked so anybody with a large car or van
that can pass by here can probably fill it up.

MPS801 Commodore printer
Commodore 1525 printer
DEC LA50 printer
TRS80 model II "8" floppy expansion box" with no drives
Compaq portable II
TI994a beige version
TI994a black version
Several MAC Plus and SE (no se-30s)
Apple IIc
Several C64 and Apple books some in french
Some C64s and 1541 drives
Untested 1084S monitor
Stuff I cant see myself throwing in garbage but would like to see go to a
good home : several Atari STs and Amiga 500s...

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