IBM 1130

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Tue Sep 18 15:55:51 2001

> Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 15:00:34 -0700
> From: "Brian Knittel" <>
> Subject: Re: IBM 1130
> Good to hear there some other 1130 fans out there!
> I should have added that we have ten disk cartridges with our 1130.
> One is labeled "IBM Only" and we hope it's a CE disk. We didn't
> find any punched card based software other than four IPL (boot) cards.
> One is labeled "APLIPL" and we have an APL typeball, so we think
> one of the cartridges has APL on it. However, we're a long way from
> trying to spin it up to see if the disks are still readable after
> what must be 20 years.

APL/1130... Lord, that brings back a couple of memories. FWIW, the language
is very similar to APL/360. The nasty part was the special symbols. The
console keyboard (basically a 029 keyboard) was mapped into three shift
states (3 symbols per keycap) with the shift state being indicated by banks
of front panel lights.

IIRC, make sure to make lots of copies of the APLIPL card as my experience
was that the reader/punch would occasionally munch it.

Also IIRC, the correct name for the IPL card is a "Cold Start" card.

> We also have the maintenance manuals and schematics, but
> no diagnostic software listings. We'd be interested in getting
> copies of anything you get scanned or OCR'd, Hans.
> Norm is setting up a boffo website for it all. A grand
> opening announcement will be coming soon!

Can't wait to see it...

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