Does anyone have RM03 prints?

From: Daniel Seagraves <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 09:58:41 2001

I'm rebuilding an RM03 head stack (I have two crashed drives, making one
good one from the two), and I got a problem here...

Drive one has all of the heads bad except for platter 2, head 1, and
surface 3, head two. (That is, I have one good UP head, and one good DOWN

Drive two has all of the heads good, except for the heads for platter 1.
That is, I have both the UP and DOWN heads for the topmost platter dead.

The problem is, the good UP head from the first drive is the servo head,
apparently - The pigtails for this head come out on the opposite side from
the others, and it has a double-ended connection. Can this head be used
as a normal data head anyway? The pinout looks the same, except that it
has two endings, both of which look alike...

Can someone look at the RM03 prints and find this out for me? This is my
only good UP head, so if I roach it, I'm done for.

PS: Ripping the drive apart and getting the head stack out to play with
was somewhat easier than it looked like; All I had to do was get the big
magnet out of the back, have someone hold the logic cage while I undid the
drive head pigtails, undo the track 0 microswitch, disconnect the big coil
at the end of the head assembly, and pull the whole mess out the back of
the drive.

Oh, and I'll have to take pictures of the crashed heads later; They're
really impressive! The original top head for the second drive is
COMPLETELY GONE. I have both the head and the platter it crashed onto
stored upstairs to take pictures of as soon as the camera works again.
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