Amiga 3000 problem

From: Willi Kusche <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 04:41:29 2001


On 19-Sep-01, Ethan Dicks wrote:

>I _think_ the Amiga 3000/16 had a 16Mhz 68881 and the A3000/25
>had a 25Mhz 68882, but I could easily be mistaken.

    I'm composing this message on an Amiga 3000 that had its motherboard
upgraded from 16 Mhz to 25 Mhz. Ever since the upgrade I occasionally get a
video crash that makes the screen unreadable. But, the system keeps running
OK. For example, if that video crash were to occur while I'm typing this
message, I've learned that hitting right-Amiga and 'S' will save the message
so I can finish the message after re-booting the A3000.

    Any Amiga fans out there with any suggestions?


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