who's got an M88k Aviion?

From: Dan Veeneman <dan_at_ekoan.com>
Date: Wed Sep 19 15:59:48 2001

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001 at 13:40:10 "r. 'bear' stricklin" <red_at_bears.org> wrote:

> I do, in fact, have several releases of DG/UX on both QIC tape and CD-ROM.
> I'd be interested in trading a copy of one for a dump of the NVRAMs. I can
> tell you how to get the dump, too.

I'm just catching up on my Classic Computer reading...

I've got four DG AV 4300's sitting in the next room. Each of them has a QIC
tape drive. I got them without documentation and I haven't had time yet to
even boot them up.

If someone has instructions on how to break into root I'd be happy to try it
out, and/or if there's a way to read the NVRAM without booting the OS I'll
be happy to try that, too.

BTW, I'd love to trade the 4300's for classic HP gear...


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