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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 16:18:25 2001

> > I missed the 4000 due to the shadow and the BA215 as I didn't scroll all
> > the way down. More nice toys.
> Very nice toys. I have a MV4k200 in a BA215. A very handy QBus VAX and
> it is nice to work on the BA215. No finger breaking and flor crawling
> like on the flor stand BA23.

Even worse is a rack-mount dual BA23. I used to have to pull all the
cards out and reseat them on one system. The quad-width cards had locks,
but the dual-width didn't, and I couldn't easily get to the dual-width
cards to properly reseat them with the quad-width cards in place. I
really like the BA213 and BA440. I have a 4000/500 in a BA440 at home.

> > As someone that cares for an 8820 at work,
> A 8820 still in production use?!
> I know from ragge, the NetBSD/VAX port-master, that there is a 8800 in
> north Sweden runing. AFAIK it is the machine behind, as the
> folowing picture implies:

Yes, indeed. All because of licensing costs. The 8820 is their
slowest system and all it does is run that one piece of software.
Never mind the environmental and service costs are more than a
new system and license.

> > I really think the 8700 is nuts, but fun.
> Nuts are fun. ;-)

Yeah, people think I'm a nut, and my computer collection is not
nearly as large as it should be.
Eric Dittman
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