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Date: Wed Sep 19 16:56:09 2001

On 19 Sep, Dave McGuire wrote:

> The 8700 and the 8600 are very different machines. The 8700 uses
> VAXBI, and is mounted in a chasiss similar in size to that of the
> 8600. I don't think there's any XMI in there.
> Incidentally, the 8700 can be turned into an 8800 by plugging a
> second CPU card set into the machine.
Hmmm. I got confused by:

There is the 8600 (aka 11/790) listed as a SBI machine.
There is no reference to the 8700.
The 8800 is listed as:
        Basically an 8550 processor in a bigger box with space for additional
        processors to make it into an 8820 or 8840
The 8550 is listed:
        XMI processor/memory backplane with VAXBI I/O

According to the 8k
VAXen, except the 8600, are pure VAXBI, no XMI. XMI came with the 6k

So I assume the "base" machine is the 8550. In a biger chasiss it is
named 8700 and with a second CPU the 8700 is called 8800?
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