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From: Absurdly Obtuse <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 17:50:35 2001

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001 wrote:

> Very nice toys. I have a MV4k200 in a BA215. A very handy QBus VAX and
> it is nice to work on the BA215. No finger breaking and flor crawling
> like on the flor stand BA23.

This one is an even nicer toy. This one is two 4K/700As in a rack. That
thing on the floor is an external DSSI box. There is one more like it in
the rack.

> > As someone that cares for an 8820 at work,
> A 8820 still in production use?!
> I know from ragge, the NetBSD/VAX port-master, that there is a 8800 in
> north Sweden runing. AFAIK it is the machine behind, as the
> folowing picture implies:

That is a sweet machine.

> > I really think the 8700 is nuts, but fun.
> Nuts are fun. ;-)


> BTW a stupid question: What is a 8700? Is it SBI based like the
> 11/78[05] and 86[05]0, or is it XMI / VAXBI like the 85x0 or 6k VAXen?
> I asume that a 8700 is a 8600 in a biger enclosure?

Nope. An 8700 is a single-CPU 8800.

Peace... Sridhar
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