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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 23:05:40 2001

> >So I assume the "base" machine is the 8550. In a biger chasiss it is
> >named 8700 and with a second CPU the 8700 is called 8800?
> As far as I recall, the first two products were the 8700 and the 8800, the
> only difference was the number of CPUs (one and two respectively). There
> were two slower implementations (8550, 8530) that were both single CPU
> systems. All of these systems used either a PRO-350 or PRO-380 as the
> VAXconsole. Later (when all the PROs were used up?) the console was
> replaced with a uVAX-II and the systems renamed 88x0 (for x=1,2,3 or 4 CPUs).

The 8700/8800 used a Pro-350 or Pro-380 as the console. Later, DEC renamed
them the 8810 and 8820. Later on DEC introduced a new 8810 and 8820 that
were different and could be upgraded to an 8830 or 8840. Unfortunately
they aren't compatible and this leads to problems when you need to get
repair parts. You need to be specific on whether your 8810 or 8820 is
a -N or not. I can't remember whether the -N is the newer model or not.
The easiest way to tell is whether your system has a Pro or a MicroVAX II
as the console.

When DEC introduced the newer models they really should have used a new
model number or renamed the older models the 8710 and 8720.
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