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From: Info from LSI <dec.parts_at_verizon.net>
Date: Thu Sep 20 14:53:56 2001

Hello Salo,

> is there any 3 BNC -> 5 BNC cable out there? maybe that would
> solve my problem.

 I have never seen anything like this. While it is easy enough
to join two or three signals ( Software Integrators and Mirage,
the makers of Fixed Frequency Video Cards for PC's used to
do it by soldering a couple of resistors on the back of their
video cards, one from H to green, and the other from V to green,
taking care of sync type, while frequency timings were still taken
care of in their customized video bios's ), it would be way beyond
my ( practical only, and limited at that ) level of knowledge
to know how to strip the sync signals off the green line, and
individually separating them at that, to properly make that signal
into a separate sync video signal.



salo wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 20, 2001 at 02:41:17PM -0400, Info from LSI wrote:
> > If you don't mind experimenting, under the hood, and can do so
> > without electrocuting yourself, I believe on the left side of
> > the monitor you will find some adjustments, some of which might
> > be labeled, horizontal frequency, horizontal phase, horizontal
> > size, horizontal center, etc. You might try tweaking some of
> > those and seeing if that stabilizes the image.
> i tried these already. some little changes occur but nothing big and nothing
> which could indicate better state - just change. i do not think this is the
> way it will work.
> i am not familiar with so old monitors (i was 10 and knew nothing about any
> other hardware than PC and 8bits at the time it was constructed ;)) is there
> any 3 BNC -> 5 BNC cable out there? maybe that would solve my problem.
> > Or you might try a 5 BNC variety Sony multisync, just hooking
> > up R, G, and B.
> >
> > or if you have a multisync with a HD15M pigtail, I have hooked
> > these up by coming out of computers with BNC video out by
> > connecting to a BNC to HD15 cable hooked up so that the BNC's
> > are to the computer, then used a HD15F-HD15F gender changer to
> > join the BNC to HD15 cable to the monitor's HD15M pigtail.
> yes, i could use another monitor, but i want to use this one.. it is looking
> fine and i do not want to throw it out :(
> > Just some experimental options to possibly try.
> thanks anyway
> regards,
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