VAX to play with

From: Info from LSI <>
Date: Thu Sep 20 17:19:14 2001

Hi Bill,

  I don't mind putting my VAXstation 4000/60's, "box
only", up on eBay, starting at $1.00, under their
"Auction for America" program where eBay donates the
selling price to the NYC WTC Disaster Fund. 8 Mb on the
board. Both checked to power up and generate video output.
You scrub the magic marker markings off the front which
is easy to do with isopropol alcohol and comet. However,
regardless of how eBay wants to run that program, packaging
materials ( low cost because I get them wholesale ) and
shipping costs ( low cost because I ship FEDEX Ground at
the FEDEX Center ) would have to be covered, else buyer
picks up. But with "buyer picks up" terms, it should sell
dirt cheap.



> Speaking of which, anybody know where I can get a decent desktop
> VAX to play with again? VLC or better...

> Bill
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