someone grab that TU81+ in St Louis please?

From: Brian Hechinger <>
Date: Thu Sep 20 17:53:55 2001

> O.K., that means that Brian Hechinger wants it and Buck
> agreed to take it into custody for a short time, should
> that be necessary.

oh no. not at all. i was just offering information. the TU81+ that i am
getting and this TU81 that buck is picking up are two different boxes. as
much as i'd love to drive to STL i don't really have the time right now.
although i may in the future. so i could theoretically pick it up in the
future if no-one else snags it. i am interested in getting out to pittsburg
for the vaxenparty however, but don't know what kind of truckage i'll have at
the time.

speaking of which. when is the vaxenparty to be? i do need to cover most of
western pa and parts of ohio picking stuff up. i'll contact you in private and
we'll work out a shared truck deal depending where you need stuff picked up and

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