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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Thu Sep 20 22:01:57 2001

> > There are some inaccuracies, though. For instance, the /90 and /90A
> > are shown to have the same TPS, but the /90A is faster. The numbers
> > for the /90 and /90A are also wrong as far as I can tell (the numbers
> > more closely match what I first posted rather than what I determined
> > experimentally).
> One remark here. The TPS numbers not always seem to be "logical". Please
> notice,
> that a lot of the benchmark is influenced by the I/o & disk system. So a
> faster CPU not always
> has a better TPS number. You can see it many times if you really look
> into it.

That's true, but the /90A has quite a bit more cache, which should
influence the TPS rating.

> And, the 4000/90 & /90a are workstations. So TPS is not of so much value
> to this ...
> > There's also a lot of holes in the list.
> So fill them ;-)

I was planning on doing that in the next few days. Standardizing will
take a bit of work, though.
Eric Dittman
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