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Date: Thu Sep 20 22:42:16 2001

On 21-Sep-2001 Jeff Hellige wrote:
> Tonight I was pretty lucky...I happened to come across a near
> perfect copy of Charles K. Adams' book 'How To Build Your Own Working
> Microcomputer'. It's hardback and copyright 1980. It looks to have
> a lot of good info in it.

Nice. Old computer books can be very interesting. I recently picked up
"Computer Peripherals That You Can Build" by Dr. Gordon Wolfe. I've spent
much time going over it, reading up 8-bit data buses and how to interface
with them. It then devels into what really fascinates me : switches and
blinken lights! OK, so maybe the switches is in fact a joystick and the
blinken light is a DAC controling a plotter. :)

It details a cool interface for sending serial data over electrical wiring.
 Sort of a bare bones X10. And of course much much more.

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