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From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 14:49:08 2001

> Is it possible to put a Laserbus PCI Hose from an AlphaServer 8400 in my
> VAX 7000? The concept boggles the mind. Also, does anyone know where I
> can find TXXX XMI/BI, EXXX Laserbus, and other reference numbers for
> boards?

I know the PCI interface isn't supported, so even if the VAX 7000 operated
with the board installed there would be no drivers, so you'd have to write
your own, which wouldn't be easy given the lack of documentation.

Also, on your VAX 7000 you'll want to make sure you have the latest firmware
installed. However, installing the latest firmware on the CPU boards can be
a little dangerous if you aren't careful. For example, there's no failsafe,
so if you mess up the CPU board would have to be replaced.

Also, do you have any CIXCD boards in the system? If so, make sure they have
the latest firmware. Otherwise, you are risking odd system crashes.
Eric Dittman
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