Intriguing proposal

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 14:58:51 2001

> Absurdly Obtuse wrote:
>Is it possible to put a Laserbus PCI Hose from an AlphaServer 8400
in my
>VAX 7000? The concept boggles the mind. Also, does anyone know
where I

        I don't know what the differences are between the TurboLaser
        bus (as in the AS 8400) and the Laserbus (on the
        VAX 7000/DEC 7000).

        If it works you will have the pleasure of writing some
        VAX drivers for PCI. Don;t forget that some LSB modules
        had Alpha-only firmware: I presume they had carnal
        knowledge of Alpha MMG data structures which
        are different on VAX. So just because it does not
        smoke when you drop it in the slot does not
        mean it is useful!

>can find TXXX XMI/BI, EXXX Laserbus, and other reference numbers

        For VAXBI, VAXft and XMI you can start here:

        There are various "field guides" dotted around the
        net that cover Omnibus, Qbus and UNIBUS.

        I've got a list somewhere of LSB and FBUS
        stuff. Is there anything specific you

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