Organization tips?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Sep 21 21:53:25 2001

Since I have a great liking for green chili, I use the small (4-oz) cans that
once contained the jalapenos I use to house miscellaneous IC's and other small
parts. The cans stack nicely, and, with a minimum of help, seem to serve well.
The somewhat larger cans that are used for tuna, which I eat less frequently,
because it's better for me than the chili, seem to work quite well also.


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Subject: Re: Organization tips?

> > For storing stuff in boxes...I avoid cardboard nowadays...I've been
> > replacing them with those plastic "tubs" that one can purchase at
> > discount stores. They last longer, are waterproof, and more
> > stackable. They've also considerably cut down on the dust level in
> > the house.
> But generate more static (unless you've managed to find a cheap source of
> the conductive ones)....
> I use biscuit tins a lot. They are conductive (obviously) and should make
> a nice Faraday cage to protect the PCBs and chips (the latter on
> conductive foam, of course) stored inside.
> -tony
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