FS: IBM style mini-centronics 68 SCSI cables

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Sat Sep 22 12:48:03 2001

Contact me via DIRECT EMAIL on these...

Here's some hard to find cables for IBM PS/2 and RS/6000 systems for SCSI
external hookup. All are high quality black, like new, except for the first
batch of 1 ft cables that are beige:

1 ft Centronics 50male to Centronics 50 male "jumpers" - great for case to
case stringers. $3.99 each, have 24 of them.

3 ft mini-centronics 68 male to high-density 50 male (clip type) $6.99 each,
have 4.

5 ft mini-centronics 68 male to high-density 50 male (clip type) $14.99
each, have 11

3 ft mini-centronics 68 male to standard Centronics 50 male - $6.99 each,
have 7

5 ft mini-centronics 68 maile to standard Centronics 50 male - $14.99 each,
have 10

10 ft mini-centronics 68 male to high density 68 male (screw type) $21.99
each, have 3.

The above does NOT include shipping. I don't charge for slamming it in a box
and taking it to the post office either, just the rounded postage (regular
or priority) with delivery confirmation. Shipping is from zip 42726 in KY.
I may also work out pickups for locals in the evenings/weekends if desired.
Right now I *will* ship to USA, APO/FPO and Canada but will ship to others
if I don't get stuck doing a ton of paperwork. US funds only, can take money
orders or Paypal. Paypal ships out the same/next day as payment is made.
Money orders when it's recieved.

Now the kicker - I'm posting any not spoken for (serious buyer only) on ebay
on 9/27 for the general PS2 and RS6000 crowd to have a shot at. Anyone that
has me hold one/some for them MUST make payment in reasonable time, say a
week to 1 days after they have me hold some for them. If they stand me up
I'll just put those cables on ebay later on but they certainly will be
remembered for future offerings and I'm just getting started with the
opening of my stash of IBM stuff.

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