Bringing Tektronix 4051s back to life

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Sep 23 09:13:59 2001


   My 4051 works so I haven't had any chance to work on it but I do have
the service manuals if you want to borrow them. I just need to figure out
whar kind of hostage I need for the loan of them!

At 11:35 PM 9/22/01 -0700, you wrote:
>All you Tekkies out there...
>I just pulled my old Tektronix 4051 out of the garage (no I don't want to
>sell it), plugged it in, turned it on and ... and ... and ...
>Well all the lights lit, the memory CRT bloomed, and that was that.
>Screen wouldn't clear and the machine wouldn't respond to any keystrokes.
>It's frozen...
>Well it worked fine when I put it in storage and I was wondering if anyone
>had any experience getting these to work after years without juice?
>I seem to recall that the machine goes through a self-test on power
>up: the "busy" and "i/o" lights light and after a few seconds they go out
>and a square cursor appears on the screen. Does anyone remember what the
>self-test looks for? I'm thinking it may try to trigger the tape to rewind
>and wait for the results. I don't know why any electronic part would fail
>after years of storage but would seem likely that a tape drive motor might
>seize up and stop the machine from completing its test.
>It would be an easy matter to free up a motor and a more difficult matter
>to diagnose a parts failure. Any ideas before I take the thing apart?
>Thanks in advance...
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