Archiving Floppies

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 01:49:26 2001

Michael B. Brutman wrote:
> For copyprotected diskettes I'm using Teledisk, although I don't
> trust it entirely. Teledisk is also good for damaged diskettes,

I stopped trusting TD once I found that it would
not restore 5-1/4" 360k floppies on my machine -
if only I'd found out before archiving 50-odd
of them that way. It seemed OK with the 3-1/2"
floppies, but I'd stopped trusting it by then!
> which the raw binary formats can't handle. (The damage looks like
> copy protection.) The downside to teledisk is the portability ...
> I'll need a DOS machine forever to read the data. I don't have this
> problem with the raw binary images.

Exactly. I'd prefer a program that was able
to cope with any MS-DOS floppy and had
a documented "image" format. I'm still
looking, although the DR-DOS DISKCOPY is
probably what I will use once I
start again.

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