Archiving floppies?

From: Cini, Richard <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 08:19:00 2001


        I use two tools. 2FILE/2FLOPPY, a freeware utility from PC Magazine
and written in the early 90's.

        Alternatively, I use Microsoft's READIMG/WRITIMG programs. The
Microsoft programs I don't believe are available publicly -- I got them from
one of the early Chicago beta CDs I think.

        I'm sure that there are other more modern utilities available on or


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Subject: Archiving floppies?

        Does anyone have any recommendations on software (preferably free)
archiving old DOS floppies? What I'd like to do is to be able to make disk
images of all (okay, maybe just 'many') of the old DOS floppies I have so
that if they disks get trashed or the bits fall off I can remake 'em. I'm
assuming I'd probably be making these archives from a Windoze box although
DOS or even FreeBSD or Linux is a possibility.

        Thanks in advance.

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