Archiving floppies?

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 17:28:18 2001

        An idea I've had that I may try is using my GVP PC286 board
for my Amiga 500. Oddly, it's the only machine I have capable of
running MS-DOS that also has both 3.5 and 5.25" floppy drives as well
as a hard disk. As I've found in the past, the hard disk is
essential when trying to make disk images. I've never actually tried
using the A1020 5.25" drive as a PC floppy from the PC286 though, but
the manual suggests it should work fine. With the 16mhz '286
onboard, the PC286 is also faster than the odd XT class machines I
have as well. For those not familiar with it, the GVP PC286 is an
80286 cpu with 512k RAM that plugs into the internal expansion slot
of the GVP Series II hard disk controllers for the Amiga 500.

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