Apple II 800K Diskettes?

From: Michael Holley <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 22:16:08 2001

I buy 720K 3.5 inch diskette on eBay for about $20 per 100. (You can find a
box of 10 if you don't need a 100.) I search for "floppy 720K". Every week
there is someone selling new-in-box floppies. I also have bought 360K 5.25

I have no connection with the following eBay auction (Item # 1277913625).

If someone needs a boot disk for their SWTPC 6800 or 6809 computer, I can
provided one.

Michael Holley
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From: "David Betz" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 5:25 PM
Subject: Apple II 800K Diskettes?

> I just acquired an Apple IIgs (thanks Rich!) and am anxious to try it out.
> have downloaded the system software from the Apple site but an unsure how
> go about making 800K disks for use on the IIgs as none of my local
> stores stock 800K floppies. Is it possible to cover over the hole that
> the drive that it is a HD disk and format it as an 800K disk? Will the
> drive on the IIgs be able to read it? Or do I have to find a source for
> 800K media?
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