Apple II 800K Diskettes?

From: Greg Lindsey <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 08:24:56 2001

"David Betz" <> wrote:
> I just acquired an Apple IIgs (thanks Rich!) and am anxious to try it out.
> have downloaded the system software from the Apple site but an unsure how
> go about making 800K disks for use on the IIgs as none of my local
> stores stock 800K floppies. Is it possible to cover over the hole that
> the drive that it is a HD disk and format it as an 800K disk? Will the
> drive on the IIgs be able to read it? Or do I have to find a source for
> 800K media?

I just purchased a LOT of 3.5" DD disks from -- they sell bulk packs of 500 for $20 each.
(The $20 is listed as a "sale price", but it has been for a few months now.)
Of course you'll have to pay for shipping, and you'll need to pick up
separate labels, but you should be set for a long time, mediawise.

My attempts to cover the hole on HD disks and format them have been less
than successful; none of them passed the "verify" stage of the format cycle.
Of course, those were old, cheap HD disks... but why take the chance when
the correct media is so cheap?

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