Keep or assemble???

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 14:25:53 2001

I think someone pointed out weeks ago that the working units bring a lot less
money on the open market (a.k.a. eBay) than complete but unassembled kits.

To me, it makes sense to take the $100 for the unassembled kit and buy an
assembled unit for $30 as previous posts suggest they cost, if you really want
the unit. My initial impression was that the original posting was from someone
wh really didn't even particularly want the assembled/working unit.


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> >"OTOH if the kit is common and working units rare, reverse it."
> >
> >What? How do you "un-solder" a kit and leave it looking new?
> Reverse my advice, ie build the kit to make hopefully one more working unit.
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