Qbus HDLC controller -- a "what is it" board

From: Jonathan Engdahl <engdahl_at_cle.ab.com>
Date: Tue Sep 25 17:22:55 2001

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> > Four half-width Qbus boards, built by Applied Computer
> Consultants, Santa
> > Barbara, CA...
> I just asked my old boss from Software Results and he thinks this might
> have been known as an IRMA. ACC at least had a product for DEC boxes
> that presented the appearance of being a 3270-ish device. I don't know
> if that means that this board emulates a 3274 (PU Type 2) or not, but

A Google search yielded a thread from several years ago on this list about
an ACC board set that included an MDMA, but the rest was different. It
seemed to be an IMP, or part of one.

Did the IMPS talk HDLC?

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