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From: Tad Bilby <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 22:54:02 2001

Thanks for your quick response!
I purchased a copy of:
OpenVMS Alpha Operating System V7.1-2
It came with two CD's for the OS and 1 Firmware Update CD V5.3
    I had already upgraded the firware to V7.0-9 from Compaq's website.
I successfully expunged RedHat 5.2 and NT 4.0 and loaded VMS
>>> boot dka400
Unfortunaltey the seller wanted a little more than I was willing to
spend for the Layered Products.
I quote:
1. Package 1.$75.00 includes:
> 1.OpenVMS/Alpha 7.1-2 (2CDs)
> 2.Alpha Firmware Update V5.3 (1 CD)
> 2. Package 2$75.00 includes:
> 1.OpenVMS/Alpha Software Product Library Dec 97 (10 CDs)
> 2.Digital NAS V8.1 Alpha (2 CDs)
> 3.OpenVMS Internet Product Suite Version 1.1 (1 CD)
> 4.OpenVMS Internet Product Suite Version 1.2 (1 CD)
> 5.Digital Pathworks32 V 7.0A (1 CD)
> 6.Digital Pathworks32 V 7.0A Documentation (1 CD)
> 7.Digital OpenVMS Management Tools V2.1 for Windows NT (1 CD)
> 8.Digital NAS V8.1 for OpenVMS/Alpha Documentation (1 CD)
> 9.Open VMS Alpha Online Documentation Library Dec 97 (2 CDs)
My plan is to get VMS "freeware" off the net and burn to CDR.
Unfortunately I don't know the format of VMS CD's.

On a side note a small list of the commands I used to use to support a
(large) auto supplier in the greater Detroit area.
set default [-] -cd..
set def [dir] -cd \dir
edit -edit
show default -cd
dir *% -dir *.*
directory/full -dir/s *.*
type/page -cat
copy -cp
rename -mv
set file/prot -chmod
set file/owner -chown
delete foobar; -delete
delete *.*;* -del *.*
create /dir [.subdir] -md
help -man page
type /page nL: -cls
monitor disk
monitor process/topcpu
show network
show devices
set os_type nt (at SRM)
ARC <return> (at SRM)
show dev d (at SRM)
boot dka400 (at SRM)
shutdown (at dcl prompt)
<ctrl> + p = stop + a (can cont)
b -flags 0,1 (at SRM) or
b -flags e,1 (at SRM)
sh sys
set priv
mcr authorize
sys modify
sh dev d
sh u/f
stop /id=process #
sh que/all quename
stop /que/reset quename
start /que quename
insert= "ctrl + a"

thanks again-


"Zane H. Healy" wrote:

> >Hello-
> >I have been pursuuing the OpenVMS license and media for
> >about 6 months with no success.
> >i.e.
> >
> >
> >I have an AlphaStation 200/233 that I would like to install
> >OpenVMS to.
> >Do you have any ideas on how I get a copy through legal
> >or hobbiest channels?
> As long as you've got an Encompass membership you should be able to get the
> licenses without any trouble. As for the Media, you're probably ahead to
> just get it off of eBay. It will cost a little (to a lot) more than the
> Hobbyist CD from Montagar, but you can get a ConDist with all the layered
> products.
> The other solution would be to call up Compaq and buy the licenses and
> media, but that would be a few thousand by the time you got done.
> Zane
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