Moving heavy equipment

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 10:15:27 2001

At 09:49 AM 9/26/01 -0500, Gunther Schadow wrote:
>This is hilarious. Congratulations. What will you be
>investigating with your electron microscope? Be sure
>to also take some sort of microtome; otherwise you won't
>be able to use the microscope. If I had been offered this,
>I would probably have passed it (may be on to some
>museum.) In my opinion, for a hobbyist, an electron
>raster microscope is much more exciting, and smaller

I already have an old AO 820-style microtome for my Leitz,
and a Reichert Ultracut ultramicrotome that's missing a
few bits. What I really need is a sputterer. What will
I do with it? "Just look at stuff." I'd like to scan
old chip silicon, for example, beyond biological targets.

I've been tinkering with a web site at
if you want to see them. Lots of nice German optics. :-)

 From a classic computing sense, I'm also eager to see what's
inside the PGT System 4 digitizing computer.

I may have to disassemble a wall to get it into the
basement, though. I think that's one of the signs
that your hobby Has Gone Too Far. :-)

- John
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