SoCal DIGITAL/Ultrix32 stuff

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Sep 26 14:36:16 2001

A couple boxes of DIGITAL stuff showed up in my surplus scrounging, and so
far I left it behind and suspect the bulk of it will be OK for maybe a
week, maybe less.

Box1 is full of grey binders with Ultrix32 and related info, maybe a dozen
to 20 3" binders of stuff.

Box 2 is full of cables, white right angle SCSI to SCSI C50 looking things,
and some bundle of snakes that could be DB25 with about half a dozen pins
in some headshells. A couple maybe 20 foot ribbon cables with what sort of
looks like floppy connectors on the ends.

You are going to have to really want this if you aren't local to Orange, CA
and can pick it up. Email me directly if interested.
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