Available Qbus SCSI Controllers

From: Info from LSI <dec.parts_at_verizon.net>
Date: Wed Sep 26 18:53:31 2001

We know that there are a bunch of Qbus system owners
that would like a SCSI controller for their systems, so ...

The following Qbus SCSI Controllers are available for
sale or trade. Sale prices are at lower end commercial
market, but if you're "just a hobbyist", the trade option
might be your preferred method. If you wish to propose
a trade, first ensure you're committed to following
through. Second, contact one of the major dealers and
find out from them what they'll give you "cash price"
for your parts. Third, ask them what their price is for
the SCSI controller you're interested in. If the "cash
price" they offer you for your parts is lower than the
SCSI controller's price, we won't be able to approve the
proposal. Also, we can only approve a proposal for parts
that we don't already have plenty of, and that we can
already find a buyer for in advance.

Pictures of these controllers can be seen at ...

SCSI Disk and Tape - Aviv_QSA_50-1276_Rev_F1

SCSI Disk - Dilog_SQ706_Rev_C

SCSI Disk - Dilog_SQ706A_Rev_D

SCSI Disk - Emulex_UC07_10401-01_Rev_F - Two Available

SCSI Tape - MTI_QTS25_Rev_D

The list of parts already in stock ...


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